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5 Pack of UK MADE Surgical Mask Hook Ear Savers with FREE DELIVERY and FREE GIFT
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Our Mask Clips are designed to be worn with elasticated surgical or PPE masks which fit behind the ears.

The worst part of long term wearing of masks is the constant stress behind the ears, which can cause discomfort and pain.

With these novel little clips, this is now at an end! No sharp corners, and easy to use, simply slip each part of the mask into the clip and hook it round the back of your head.

Unlike others, these can be sanitised in alcohols, as they are made from premium quality acrylic, and these are manufactured right here in the UK and dispatched within 1 working day!

You will receive a variety pack of 5 different colours, which can include fluorescent acrylic, transparent and tinted colours, metallic, frosted and even glitters!

• Size: 50mm x 25mm
• Material: 3mm Acrylic

These have FREE SHIPPING to the UK included as standard, so you can send them to friends and family, or donate them to a local trust, hospital and more! We are also including a FREE Pocket HUG with each pack as a thank you to the brave folk in our amazing and wonderful NHS.