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DecoArt Crafters Acrylic Turquoise
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Features and Advantages
Colors can be intermixed
Brushes on smoothly and evenly
Basecoating is quick and easy
Consistent two-coat coverage
Lightfast pigments
Soap and water clean-up
Made in USA
Fast drying

Additional Decorating Ideas:
Completed projects can be finished with varnish.
Ideal for basecoating
Use for sponge painting or faux finishing.
Create a wash: Thin with Brush 'n Blend Extender for making paint transparent, floating, and shading color.
Create a glaze: Mix with Faux Glazing Medium for home decor faux finishing techniques like marbleizing and sponging.
Create a fabric paint: Mix with Fabric Medium to create a washable fabric paint for decorating fabrics. Once painted, let dry 24-48 hours. Heat set.
Create crackle finishes: Paint a basecoat of Crafter's Acrylic, apply Weathered Wood, and then paint a contrasting color of Crafter's Acrylic over the Weathered Wood.
For canvas painting: Add Control Medium to extend blending time and for improved brushability.
For air brushing: Thin with 30% water or Brush 'n Blend Extender for ease in air-brushing.
Create a watercolor: Add Brush 'n Blend Extender or water for transparent watercolor effects.
For stenciling: Use Crafter's Acrylic as is. Apply with a stencil brush or other preferred stenciling technique.

Helpful Hints:
Apply paint to dust- and grit-free surfaces.
Paint can also be applied with a synthetic or sponge brush.
With some transparent colors, additional coats may be required.
For candle painting, mix equal parts Crafter's Acrylic with Paint Adhesion Medium.
For textural painting, tint Decorating Paste with Crafter's Acrylic.