Here at Acrylic Craft, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. With this in mind, we have several ways to minimise the impact of our manufacturing and supply.

We are commited to recycling as much as possible, so have recently brought in a 2 bin system in our internal office and manufacturing facility. We have a RED topped bin for general non recycling waste, and a GREEN topped bin for our recyclable waste. All our paper is shredded, and sealed in clear bags for disposal in our recycling bin. This ensures it goes to the correct recycling location.
Our recycling bin is collected weekly by Veolia, and taken to a local recycling plant. Our General waste is taken to the appropriate local facility by Biffa. Usually, the 1100L bin is full every week!

We made the decision recently to move to Haven Power for our utility supplies. These offer 100% renewable energy and majority of the electricity we supply comes from Drax – generated with responsibly-sourced, compressed wood pellets, it produces 86% less carbon than coal-generated energy.

Our Acrylic
We recycle all our acrylic weekly through Veolia. This is taken to a dedicated recycling plant, where our acrylic is recycled in the correct manner.

Our acrylic is sourced from a variety of suppliers, our main supplier is Perspex and an outline of their environmental policies can be read by clicking the appropriate link.

Perspex Environment policy

MDF and Plywood
We use Medite Premier for our MDF products and is a multi-purpose MDF, produced using superior wood refining technology and specially designed resins. MDF itself is not actually recyclable, it might be wood, but its a man made material, and although their are technologies out there that are starting to be able to recycle MDF, it is not yet mature or widely available. Our MDF waste is taken to a waste management facility local to us and is disposed of in the correct manner. This unfortunately either gets incinerated, or goes to landfill.

The environmental impact of MDF and Acrylic varies, since Acrylic is a type 7 plastic, also known as PMMA (PolyMethylMethacrylate), it is quite energy intensive for recycling. however, this does not mean it is all bad news. Since our acrylics have a very long life and are UV resistant, (typcially 10 years or more outdoors) they are not classed as 'single use plastics'. These are decorative items, and will be used time and time again over the years. Indoor, this material is unlikely to degrade under normal use or display and will last for many decades. After this, the material can be recycled as normal.

MDF however, is a lower cost material, and no data seems to exist on the composition of the MDF itself. We use the best quality we can, and we can only assume there is some recycled wood content in there, but we are not sure. We will update this page when we know more.
MDF itself as mentioned is NOT recyclable, so would be disposed of in general waste, and either sent to landfill or incinerated. Outdoors, MDF is not as durable, and will quickly soak up any moisture and degrade. Indoors, the material will fair quite well, especially when painted but special care needs to be taken with paint types as these also have an environmental impact.